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Building the Future of Healthcare

Accelerate drug time to market through real study traceability and unparalleled trial integrity. Experience faster study builds driven by better science. In real time, for patients, for everyone.

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verisian tracer

True End-to-End Study Traceability

Achieve complete transparency in your clinical trials and experience faster development cycles using Verisian Tracer. By extracting and virtualizing your study’s analysis code, metadata and data, Verisian enables you to effortlessly understand, navigate and edit eCRF, SDTM, ADaM, and TFL derivations at patient, variable and dataset resolutions. With Verisian Tracer, experience unparalleled confidence in your trial's integrity.

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verisian builder

Faster Study Building

Accelerate clinical trial study builds with Verisian Builder. Access a rich library of pre-approved TFL/ADaM derivation modules, enabling automated derivations from eCRF, SDTM, ADaM to TFL. Extract and virtualize derivation paths from existing studies for effortless code reuse, transforming your study build process.

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verisian pooler

Simplified Study Pooling

Accelerate your study pooling process with Verisian. Seamlessly navigate variable and dataset discrepancies by comparing individual computational steps across multiple studies. Effortlessly integrate studies with different SDTM versions for a streamlined study pooling process, empowering you to achieve faster and more effective drug submissions.

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The technology Verisian uses is new and revolutionary: parsing study code and leveraging that is exactly the right way to know what really happened in a study. 

Oliver Wirtz, Head of Analysis Standards & Reporting Quality


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