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About Us

Verisian builds solutions for clinical trial analysis, validation, submission and review

Our vision

At Verisian, we envision a world where groundbreaking treatments are judged using all available evidence and the best tools, where the science is transparent to companies, regulators, and patients alike, and where patients have access to the latest cutting-edge treatments as soon as possible.
Our innovations
We’re building innovation for clinical research and public health authorities. While CDISC standards like SDTM and ADaM have brought standardization for clinical trial data, lengthy analysis and submission cycles remain just as increasing trial complexity presents substantial challenges in decision-making and the potential for critical errors.
Our products
The products we build empower researchers and regulators to analyze and monitor studies transparently in real-time, leading to improved and safer therapies for devastating diseases. Recognizing we cannot do this alone, we're building a community for those who share our commitment and purpose.
Our culture
Our culture is composed of a set of core virtues. We never settle for anything less than greatness, and we believe in the potential to achieve excellence in all of us. We're fanatically customer obsessed, crafting world-class products that customers love with every interaction.

We take extreme ownership and accountability of our work, seeing whatever we do through to completion. We communicate candidly and directly with each other, even when it's uncomfortable. We're innately curious, open to alternative perspectives and invest passionately in our own continuous growth.

To succeed in our mission, we are deliberate in how we build and design our company culture. As a fully-remote company, this means we build rock-solid foundations of properly designed accountability, collaboration and communication. If you'd like to read more, we maintain a publicly accessible company handbook for how we work.

Join Our Team

As we take this journey, we're always looking for outstanding people. If you've done exceptional work, join us in our mission and let's shape the future together.
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