Tomás Sabat Stöfsel
Apr 24, 2024
1 min read

Navigating Challenges and Unlocking Opportunities as a Statistical Programmer

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Verisian Community Podcast, we welcome Daniel Rolo, Director of Statistical Programming at Parexel to discuss the evolving landscape of statistical programming. Daniel addresses the shift from traditional tools like SAS to modern languages such as Python and R, emphasizing the response to increasing data complexity and the rise of open-source platforms and AI. He outlines the challenges programmers face when adapting to these new tools and provides strategies for effective learning and professional growth. The conversation also covers the importance of staying updated with changing clinical data standards and how to leverage new skill sets for career advancement. Daniel's insights offer a deep dive into the dynamic field of statistical programming, highlighting opportunities for innovation and industry advancement.

About The Verisian Community Podcast

The Verisian Community Podcast brings together experts in clinical trials to exchange innovative ideas and best practices central to clinical reporting, submission and review. Aligned with Verisian's mission to accelerate the evaluation and market launch of new medical treatments, each episode features expert insights, with guests ranging from statistical programmers to medical writers, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the latest software and technology.

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