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Henning Kuich
Mar 8, 2024
3 min

Verisian Free Trial - Getting Started Tutorial

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To get started using the free Verisian Trial, log in using your email address.

Create a Study

After you have been authenticated, you are provided with an isolated environment that only you have access to. First, create a study on the landing page:

The only required input at this time is a study name:

After the study is created, you should see it listed as follows:

Create an Analysis

Next, select "Log Analysis":

You now need to set up an analysis:

Give your analysis a name and click "Create":

You should now see the analysis listed as follows:

Upload Logs

Select the analysis. An analysis needs two inputs: an execution sequence specification in .csv format, and the logs you would like to upload. First, upload the execution sequence file. The following specifies what it needs to look like:

For a single log, you will have only two lines in the execution sequence file: the header row and the row specifying the log. After uploading the execution sequence file, you will see something like the following:

Now add the log files and click "Upload".

You can then "Submit for Analysis". During processing, you will see the following notification:

Explore Results

After the analysis is complete, you will get an overview of the analysis in a summarization dashboard:

From here, you can explore your logs in two ways:

Firstly, you can click on “Explore in Tracer” in the top right corner to access the extracted traceability information:

Alternatively, select a File or dataset of interest listed in the tables of the overview dashboard to review log messages associated with your code and its execution.

Congratulations! You have successfully run a Verisian log analysis and can explore your analysis. If you have encountered any problems during upload or the analysis, we already know and are working to resolve your issue.

Next Steps

At the moment, we're providing dataset-level traceability, showing source datasets, all intermediary datasets, and their downstream effects. We are currently actively working on variable-level traceability and will soon be releasing a first working version.

For a more detailed tutorial of the Tracer, see here.

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